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I've been catching slack from friends who visit my blog frequently that I haven't updated in a while, so here it is. Believe it or not, I feel like I have a lot to say today!

The Tragedy at Virginia Tech
I feel like I should start with expressing my deepest condolences to those affected directly or indirectly by the massacre at VT. I, like others, am deeply saddened by what has happened. I ask that each of you pray for not only the victims and their families, but also the family of the shooter. I think too many times we focus on the victims and forget that another family has not only lost a son, but also has to bear the burden of what that son has done and what he will be remembered for. I doubt they will be able to go anywhere for a long time without being stared at and talked about. Let us pray for them also. As a parent, I can assure you that sometimes despite your best efforts at parenting, a child will go astray.

Moving On...
...to a happier note...I know those of you who check frequently probably noticed several page changes in my blog lately. My good friend Allison didn't really like the last page layout I had, so I changed to make her happy. :) I happened to have lunch with Allison yesterday. It was a nice time together and we got to catch up. Some of you may recall that Allison was the dear friend who cried right along side of me the morning we found out Steve was losing his job. Some things you can just never repay....thanks again Allison. :)

Update on Our Mission Trips
Well, the fundraising is going well for my trip to Thailand. I am getting closer every day to having the trip paid for in full and I have faith that God will provide for that. For those of you that want to donate, I encourage you to do so. Steve is going to Moldova and because I'd already solicited everyone we knew for financial support, he was in a quandary about how to raise the money for his trip. Most of you (unless you are Taylor family) will not get a support letter from Steve also. However, if you feel you are being led to donate to his trip also, you can certainly let me know (or call Brentwood Baptist Church) and we can get you set up. In the event that my trip is paid for and additional donations come in after, they will automatically transfer those funds directly to Steve's trip. I have faith that this is what God has led both of us to do so I have faith that He will provide even if that means us having to pay out of our pocket some. Thanks to all of you who have already donated. You WILL be getting thank you notes soon...I'm trying to wait and send them all out at the same time.

Quick Prayer Request
A quick prayer request...our pastor is right now in England preparing to speak at a pastor's conference. Unfortunately, after he arrived, he misplaced/lost his passport. He is just sick over the whole fiasco. According to what little facts I have, he is going to the US Embassy today to see what can be done. However, depending on how long it takes at the embassy, he might end up missing his speaking engagement which is the whole reason he traveled there in the first place (and he has made it known, he hates to travel!). He's due to travel home tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday is our HUGE committment Sunday for our capital campaign. He's going to just be sick if he has to miss that, so for those of you reading this, send up a quick prayer. This is a wonderful man of God who loves Jenna Grace almost as much as we do and we really want him home safely. Mike Glenn is the name...be sure and include him in your prayer time....

Nothing additional on Gage. He's doing fine and growing like a weed. There have been a few little bumps along the way with changing over to formula, but I think Micah has found the right one and he's sleeping well and eating well to boot. I think Micah will be at our house in a few weeks for another weekend when Steven is out of town, so I promise more pictures then.

Wrapping Up...
Other that all that, not much is going on. I'm going to an all day scrapbooking event on Saturday, so I will hopefully get all caught up. Since our weekend retreat earlier this year, I have TONS of pictures from different events. I am finally starting to recover from the cold I had a couple weeks ago. I finally had to call the doctor again to get another round of antibiotics because one round just didn't kick it. I think once I'm done with those, I should be fine. Jenna Grace and Steve are both doing fine. I guess that's about it for me....I'll try to get another post in sooner next time!

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