New toys...and other thoughts

We both have new toys!! As most of you know I am going to Thailand on a mission trip with the church in June of this year. Steve and I wanted an easy way to communicate and so we purchased a laptop computer yesterday with wireless internet ability. The hotel we'll be staying at in Thailand has wireless internet, so we decided to try this. We've been wanting a laptop for a while, but thought we wouldn't get one until our desktop was ready to be replaced. But when we found one for $499 at Best Buy, well...it was a deal we couldn't pass up. And of course, while I was working out the details of my laptop, Steve was picking out his new toy. It's a 42 inch plasma TV. He's been wanting one of those flat screens that hang on the wall, but I finally talked him out of that. Suffice it to say that we've been blessed financially here lately, so we are enjoying it (after tithing of course!)

Work for me has been nuts. We lost a grand total of 13 folks in HR due to the layoff, 3 of which were in benefits where I work. I picked up a good portion of the work of 2 of those that were laid off and it is busy! I'm loving it though. I am working in my old stomping grounds of retirement and then still in health and group benefits, but no longer doing vendor relations/appeals, but liaisoning from a systems standpoint. It's a great opportunity and hey! at least I have a job, so no complaints from me.

Steve's job situation is getting better. At first, he got discouraged, but I truly believe it was Satan trying to steal his joy. Now, things are evening out, he's learning lots every day and he is starting to see the form his new job will take. The new company is a lot slower in getting stuff taken care of than MLSP was, so that really takes some getting used to. It's tough because working at HCA, it's hard to imagine a company surviving that doesn't run like clockwork. But not every business is like HCA and I have to keep that in mind and sometimes have to remind Steve too.

Oh, and another piece of interesting news...I got my hair cut last weekend. Got it cut off.
O-F-F. Off. It's shorter than I've ever had it. I have yet to have someone take a picture. I like it I guess. It's different and I like the ease of washing and styling. But I'm not sure shorter hair is me. I guess we'll see as it grows out. I'd like to have it long enough to pull back by the time Thailand rolls around because it's pretty hot in June there.

Lastly, a big congratulations to my great-nephew, and Jenna Grace's cousin, Garrett. Last Sunday he made a profession of faith! PTL! We don't have a date for his baptism yet, but what a wonderful blessing to watch your child take that step! I am so excited for his mom, day and grandparents! I can't imagine the joy. I just hope that Jenna Grace will follow his lead at some point. I am sure that his baptism will bring lots of questions from Jenna. The only thing she said today was that "he'll get water in his eyes" when I told her he would get baptized!

Well, that's about it for me. Nothing really going on here. Work, home, bed and then start it all over again. I'll keep you posted.


The Millsaps said...

Congrats on the new toys. Selfishly I am so happy about the computer. At least we can stay in touch with our world. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

hey sandra this is carrie cook barrow from your school. my cousins put a myspace thing together and i saw you through the ezell harding link. i am not good at all of this but i would love to chat with you. my email is gocubs1@comcast.net. your story is unbelievable. i would like to share sometime if you get a minute or two. look forward to hearing from you. carrie cook barrow