Happy New Year!!!

Wow...2007. I can't hardly believe it! Where do the years go? Of course, isn't that the question we ask EVERY year at this time?

Speaking of things we always do this time of year...it's time for RESOLUTIONS! I'm a big list person, so I usually have a ton of resolutions. And I do well for a few weeks and then like everyone else on the planet, those go by the wayside and by March I can't even remember what they are. This year, I'm making only one resolution and that is to follow through on the things I commit to. I'm bad about starting things and not finishing them (exercising, Bible Study, leadership roles etc.) and so in turn, part of that is knowing when to say "no." I have got to lose weight. My clothes are getting tighter by the day and I can't ignore it any longer. I'm going to get my treadmill tomorrow and I'm going to get it set up and work out some type of exercise schedule. I hope each of you will hold me accountable. But that's not going to be a resolution because I'd just break it anyway...so, I just have to get into a habit of exercising, drinking more water and cutting down on the sweets.

The only news to report is that I am definitely going to Thailand in June. I've put down my deposit and there is a mandatory meeting in two weeks where I'll learn more. I think I might come out of my skin with excitement before then. I'll be sure to keep you updated as to what I learn about this new journey for me.

Here's sending you my best wishes for a happy 2007. I hope it brings all of you everything you've dreamed of!

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