Ready for a holiday...

I know, I know, it's only been a week, but I'm ready for MLK day! Seriously! I heard more than one person say last week, "for a short week, this has really been LONG!"...and now we start all over again for a full week, but then another long weekend at the end. YIPPEE!

Steve started his "new" job last week. Actually, he's still finishing up the transition stuff and will be for quite a while I think. He's already worrying about learning to type, work the computer and all the other stuff that goes along with a "desk job".

I am getting excited though because next weekend is the first team meeting of those going to Thailand. My lifetime friend, Rachel, is going too and of course, I didn't find out until after I'd already filled out my application, but I was ecstatic when she told me!

And speaking of going places, we are trying to start planning our family vacation for the summer. Looks like we'll be traveling down to Jacksonville, FL to see my family. They were up here ove the holiday and we had such a good time! Plus the perk of going to see them, is they have a BEACH! I missed my beach this past year with being at Disney, so I was anxious to get back. We'll probably spend some (if not all) the time with them and then a good portion just relaxing on the beach. We'll see.

Well, here goes another week...

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