We always knew our girl was sweet, but apparently the mosquitoes know too!  A few weekends ago, Jenna noticed a mosquito-esque bug flitting around the car.  We managed to shoo it out without too much trouble and didn’t think another thing about it.  That is, until we got out of the car at our next stop and I noticed Kylie had a little bit right under her eye.  We ate dinner and it never seemed to itch or bother her, so I didn’t think much about it.

Then Sunday she woke up and the bit was red, angry and it was spreading down into her cheek.  Jenna had something like this happen to her when she was 3 and the pediatrician had us bring her in and gave her a shot of antibiotic because the bite she had was on her cheek and they didn’t want it to get infected being so close to her brain.  Kylie’s looked way worse, but I didn’t panic…just gave her a dose of Benadryl and went to church.  This is after the Benadryl (so you can imagine what it looked like before!)

bite 1

After church it really didn’t look any better than this, so I called the dr. on call.  She was totally not worried and said to keep dosing the Benadryl so I did and went on my way with the day’s activities.

Later that night, I was out with a friend and Steve texted me the following photo which was after a full day of dosing Benadryl.

bite 2

He dosed her one more time before bed and then put her down for the night.  I was out late that night and about 9:30, I got a text that he’d checked on her and didn’t think the Benadryl was doing any good.  We decided to wait and see what the morning brought. 

The next morning I was off work for Memorial Day and things had definitely not improved.  Not only had they not improved but she now had a runny nose which was yucky green.  With no symptoms leading up to that, I decided to visit our new local ER.

bite 3

Clearly she can put on a sad face when needed.  Is that not the most pitiful looking baby?

bite 4

And she wasn’t impressed with the blood pressure cuff they were using on her.  However, we were in an out from the TriStar Spring Hill ER within an hour and was armed with prescriptions for broad spectrum antibiotics and anti-nausea meds just in case.  Later that afternoon, we got a dose of antibiotics in her and she was clearly feeling fine.

bite 5

24 hours later and the difference was amazing.

bite 6

A week and 1/2 later and the bite is gone but she still has a little bit of a dark circle under her eye.  Hopefully she’ll build up her immunity soon.



Christy said...

Poor baby! Glad she is feeling better! However, I just had to laugh that in every picture except the ones in the ER she is eating! And some of my favorite foods, I might add!

Angie said...

Girl that is just crazy! So glad is is fine now. The mosquitoes love chinese cuisine that's for sure. it looks like we beat yaya if we forget to spray her down with bug spray then she scratches them bloody. our poor girls!