A New Look!

Welcome to my new blog!  If you remember, I used to be Just Haven't Met You Yet, which was a throw back to Buble's song and play on words for our pending adoption.

Now that we've been home with Kylie more than a year, I felt like Just Haven't Met You Yet didn't make much sense, so for the past months, I have batted around a number of different blog titles.  Finally, in keeping with the song theme, I landed on Accidentally In Love. Why this title?  Because in my life, I never knew love could be like this.

The pursuing love of a patient God who never quits coming after his prodigal daughter and bringing her home.

The amazing love for children who were not my own, but who were loved as if they were.

The fierce and sacrificial love for two girls, one born from my body and one born in my heart, who love me unconditionally despite my parenting failures.

The continual love for a man which grows wider and deeper every year and his perfect love for a woman who doesn't always get it right.

I never knew love could be like this.  But I'm so glad it is.  I'm definitely...accidentally in love.

You'll notice some tabs at the top of the blog now.  One of them is all about our adoption journey.  It includes our adoption story, our adoption timeline and a few links to posts that might be helpful to other adoptive families. Also, our Gotcha Video resides there!

There are social media icons right over there -------------------> click on any of them to link to me directly. The contact one should take you to a page which lets you know how to email me.

Right underneath that is a box where you can enter your email address and you will receive an email everytime I post an update.  Handy, no?  :)

Further down is a search box.  If you seem to remember seeing something on the blog and need to find it, just type the word in the box and all the posts with that word will pop up.  My blogroll and blog archives are still there where they always were.

Lastly, at the very bottom of the right sidebar is a link to my blog BUTTON!  That's right!  If you like my blog and want to put a button on your own blog, you can find the code to it there.  So cool!

Thanks to Courtney at A Faithfulness Told blog, my blog has a new, more updated and way less busy look! Y'all, you need to check her out here.  She basically asked me a few questions and went to work!  It took just a few days and her prices are SO ECONOMICAL!

I highly encourage you to hop over and visit her blog.  If you see something you like, contact her, tell her you saw her here and let her do some work for you!

Thank you Courtney!  I love my new blog!  In fact, you could say, I'm accidentally in love with it!


Courtney said...

Loved working with you!

Julie said...

LOVE LOVE love the new look!!!!