Yesterday we had our last home study visit with our social worker.  This one was at our house.  It was very low key and if Jenna hadn't talked her ear off, it would have lasted just an hour.  The best part was right at the end when the social worker asked Jenna if she and Steve had any fun plans for the day (she was out of school) and she said "Well, we don't get along."  Um. GREAT.  Luckily, the social worker has children and knew Jenna didn't mean it that way.  And poor Jenna, we are never going to let her live it down.  :)

I'm about to sit down and finish a couple of financial worksheets and after that, I will only be lacking the 2 medical forms to have this part complete (at least as far as I'm concerned).  I am hoping to get those two things done early next week so that the social worker can be writing the homestudy while I'm in South Africa.  It might or might not happen, but I have decided I have to let it go if it doesn't.

I spent most of today packing and then tonight we went to an adoptive families picnic.  That was pretty cool...seeing all these families either going through or having already gone through exactly what we are.  I can't wait to bring our little girl home and have her play with all these children!

So that's it for today.  Lots more to do!

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