Happy Labor Day!

For those of you non-locals, the weather in Nashville this weekend has been WONDERFUL!   We have had so many sweltering hot days that this 70-80 degree was absolutely marvelous!

Friday, the SVP at work gave us all the go-ahead to start the weekend early about 2pm.  My friend, Katelyn and I made a quick run out to Hendersonville to our boss Sherri's house to "shop" in her closet.  Sherri and I wear about the same size clothing but she has MUCH better taste than I do!  If you see me in a really cute outfit, that's because I got it from her stash!  Katelyn is lucky enough to wear the same size shoe so she went and got a couple pairs of shoes.  After I went through the clothes and Katelyn went through the shoes, I loaded up the "discards".  The last spring cleaning Sherri did went into our yardsale.  This time, I think I might do an upscale consignment. It's a win-win because I take all the stuff off her hands and then I get the benefit from selling it.  Seeing that I'm going to need to do some fundraising for the adoption, I might try the consignment route.  These clothes are not K-Mart special clothes either...they are NICE clothes.  And I found quickly that they didn't bring a tiny fraction of what they were worth in a yard sale.  If you know of a good, high end consignment store in the area, tell me about it!

Jenna had a school activity on Friday night until 10pm, so I met Steve for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town (moment of silence for it is closing in a few weeks) and then I went back to work to play catch-up until time to get JG.  Since vacation, I have had a hard time getting motivated to work which has really put me behind.  I made some good headway Friday night.

Saturday was just a day to hang out.  We did some window-shopping at Best Buy for me a new laptop (which we did NOT purchase) and then to Kroger Marketplace where we purchased the new mini-couch that will go in our bonus room when we redo the rooms for our new daughter.  I can't wait to get those all set up.  Pictures to come!  Saturday night, Steve sat with our elderly friend and JG and I went to hang out around the firepit with our friends the Moores.  It was a great time and the company was excellent considering we would have been sitting home alone.

Sunday was chock full of church activites.  I only had 2 sweet babies in the nursery, most likely due to the holiday.  I had 2 meetings set for after church, but both canceled, so I got to finish laundry and hang out at home.  Steve was so jealous of the firepit fun we had with the Moores, that we set up our own pit and had some hotdogs for the second night in a row!  Jenna and I went and got pedicures and then some ice cream.  She told me several times, "This is the best day EVER!"...she apparently has her expectations set VERY low (there's a deep lesson in there somewhere...)

Today, Steve and JG went and sat with our elderly friend again and I went to work.  Yeah, you heard me...I spent most of the day at work...playing catch up and trying to save my days off for when I return from South Africa.  I tell you...in the hours I was there today, I knocked out a TON of stuff.  I feel so good about where I ended up.  I'm sure that will be short lived, but I'm enjoying it for now.

After we all got back home, here is what our evening looked like in pictures...

Yum!  I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as much as we did ours!

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Rachel said...

Hey Girl! Check out Designer FInds in Green Hills... it is a great consignment shop...