Today was an interesting day. Well, it actually started last night when I got home from work (I worked late) and Jenna told me that her filling had fallen out. Sure enough Steve confirmed that she had a hole in her little tooth. So, I left a message with the dentist's office to call me first thing this morning and let me know when we could come in. Since we are leaving on Sunday, it would have to be before Friday.

I had just dropped Jenna off at camp today when the dentist's office called. The dentist was going to be off tomorrow and Friday, so today was the day. In fact, they wanted us to come in right then so that it would be easier to work us in. So, I turned around and picked Jenna back up from camp and headed to their office. We waited about 45 minutes when they finally got us in. They looked at the tooth and said it was just the edge of the filling that had fallen off and they could just sand down the edge. BUT. Her two bottom permanent teeth were already coming in behind the baby teeth and those weren't even loose. In fact, I had an appointment scheduled for after vacation to have them looked at. But the dentist thought they should come on out.

They prepped her with some numbing shots and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and I went to the waiting room. A few minutes later, they told me that while sanding the edge of the filling, the whole thing popped out and they were going to have to replace the whole thing.

All that to say, I have a very snaggle toothed little girl! She was so excited to have these teeth out and wasn't even scared that they were having to be pulled. And of course, she's looking forward to her first visit from the tooth fairy tonight. Oddly enough, her cousin Garrett (just 2 weeks older than her) had to have the exact same thing done just a few months ago. Something in the bloodline I guess! :)
Now, while all this craziness was going on, I got a call from my co-worker stating that a transformer blew at the office early this morning and there was no electricity, more importantly, no A/C at the office and they'd closed our building. Normally, this would excite me to no end, but I have a BUNCH of stuff that HAS to get done before I leave on Friday. So, I went ahead and went in after our dentist visit and worked. They got the power back up shortly after 10am so I had plenty of time to work and really accomplished alot. So, that's the excitement of my day. PHEW!

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