Well, I've been promising a post for while about things I learned through all the stuff we've been through this summer. While I had jotted down a few thoughts on paper, it seems to be taking me alot of time to elaborate on them. I figured if I don't do something, no one will care about what I learned and it will be a mini-novel that no one will have time to read.

So, I decided every few days, I'll give a quick update and then post one of the things I've learned. And without further ado:

I have spent a while mulling over this post and know I have promised it for quite some time, so here it is:

10 Things I've Learned This Summer
(more specifically during Steve's stay in the hospital and recovery from hip surgery)

1. Humility: There's no way you can be taken care of the way we were and not be consantly humbled. I have tried to think of ways to adequately thank everyone and have come to the conclusion that there are just no words to do that.

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