Bon Voyage!

Well, just a few hours and we are off!

Jenna spent the night with a friend last night and didn't come home until 4pm, so we had all last night and today to get things together. Steve and I went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-d last night. It was good. It was nice to watch a movie that wasn't animated or a cartoon.

I got most everything done, or so I thought. But here I am at 10pm and not close to getting into bed. Our flight out leaves at 6am, so we have to be at the airport by 5am and that puts us leaving here at 4:30am no later.

We are very much looking forward to this trip. I'm taking my PC, but not sure how much access I'll have to the internet, but I figure I can at least have it to download my photos to if needed.

Will update when I get back!

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