A Baby Shower

Well, it's over...the baby shower for Micah that is. It was yesterday and I co-hosted with Micah's mom, Pam. It was alot for just the two of us to plan ourselves, but we managed to pull it off with no hitches. We were concerned that there wouldn't be many people there and not many gifts, but there were plenty (I think we had about 12-13) and there were gifts everywhere!

As always, the Taylor Family was very generous. I continue to be proud at the way this family steps up and together in times of need. It's one of the most non-dysfunctional families I've known and I am honored to be part of them! They are truly one of a kind! Grandmother (Matriarch of the Taylors) called last night just to tell me what a great job I did with the shower and how well it went. She knew how stressed I was I'm sure. Where else do you find support like that?!

Anyway, the four parents (2 bios and 2 steps) went in together and bought the travel system. You know, it's the HUGE stroller and car seat combo? We got that and then Jenna picked out the cutest outfit...shoes, socks, hat and everything! She picked out the baby book too. I was very pleased and spent way too much! I'm about to go back out to the registry to see what all is still left to buy.

Not sure if I updated on this before, but Steve's eye surgery went off without a hitch. After they actually took him back to do the surgery, it was only about 5 minutes and he was out. He came home that day to rest, but after that, the next day he was back at work like nothing had happened. We are indeed so blessed!

For those of you that read my last post about Thailand and my support letter, thanks for your comments. I have not sent the actual letters out, but am going to this week. I picked up stamps yesterday...am going to try and print them out today.

Let's see...anything going on with the rest of us? Not really. I'm up earlier than the family today. I am going to be really late for church if I don't get moving along...this afternoon, I'll spend doing laundry and cleaning the house (which is a wreck!). I will also try to do my taxes and support letters. All before leaving at 5pm to be back at church. Think I can do it? We'll see. For my HCA friends, I logged almost 10,000 steps yesterday, but I was on my feet all day with the shower. I was so glad when it was over!


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