OUCH! Ever done this???

Tonight, I was peeling potatoes for beef stew (for tomorrow night's dinner) using a paring knife. It is a great knife and super sharp. Jenna was standing in a chair beside me "helping". I was telling her how she should NEVER use a knife or any sharp object. Only Mommies are able to use them etc. A good lesson in how DANGEROUS things like this can be. Just as I'm giving her the run down of all the bad things that can happen if you cut yourself, the knife slips and I slice my finger, quite nearly to the bone. OUCH! Of course, I uttered profanity that no child should ever hear their parent say. And Jenna, turns her head away because by this time blood is really starting to pour and I'm going, "Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh" because I'm wondering if I should search the beef stew for the rest of my finger tip! Really, the cut was quite deep, but after running cold water on it and applying a paper towel tightly for a few minutes, the bleeding stopped. Of course, in my moment of panic, I called Steve who was trying to get his prescription filled and made him turn around to come back home. It was humorous looking back on it but I can tell he didn't see the immediate humor. Anyway, I'm even typing on it, so it's not too bad.

I'm about to try and get my Christmas card labels done lest the cards not make it by the new year! I took the day off tomorrow to organize my home life. Due to all the activity that is the holidays, we've put up our Christmas decorations (inside and out) piece-meal and so my house is a mess. Because I'm training on a new job at work, my office is a mess and I can't possibly handle everything in my life being in chaos. So, tomorrow is for organizing my home life. Then I'll be better equipped to work on organizing my work!

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