My Beautiful Ballerina

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Today Jenna Grace had her very first ballet recital. She danced one dance to Away in a Manger. There were about 7- 4/5 year olds and they were SO CUTE! The way Jenna flits and dances around the house, I hope she decides to stick with ballet. Right now, she goes to class at the church which has a worshipping arts center. But it all depends on what time and day the class is. I think my little ballerina is most beautiful!

In other updates: Steve has a few leads on new jobs. One is an estimating position with the new company. There's no offer on the table. Just talks among the higher ups about the creation of this position. He also got a bite on a resume I sent in to a posting I found on career builder. This one is managing a print shop, so it will be interesting to learn more. As for the not-so-near future, we are still trying to decide. What direction we go may depend more on whether he stays in printing or more specifically managing.

As for me, I was told this week that I was changing jobs AND managers. I am eternally thankful to have a job, but the fact that it's changing in a BIG way and that I've got yet another manager AND am starting training immediately is a little unnerving. Well, it's more than a little...it's really FREAKING ME OUT! I quite nearly had a panic attack on Friday. The training started then with my co-worker and friend Allison and I thought I was going to stop breathing. It's not necessarily a matter of whether I think I CAN do it. Because I know I can, it's more that I feel such pressure to learn and learn quickly. And of course, I know absolutely nothing about the job I'm being expected to do. Although, I can recognize that my learning curve is steep, so perhaps I won't have such a hard time this time. We'll see.

I'm sure the holidays are going to be busy as usual. We're off to a Christmas cocktail party tonight...should be FUN!!!

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