A Special Evening

It's been a very special evening at the Taylor household.  Jenna Grace prayed to accept Christ as her Savior tonight!  For a mother that's been ultra emotional all week, I'm rather surprised that I'm not a puddle right now.

Jenna has been talking about becoming a Christian for quite a while.  I felt strongly that she was not ready.  A few months ago, when talking with God, I prayed that He would move me out of the way if I was keeping her from making the most important decision in her life.  Shortly thereafter, I ran across a workbook that we'd gotten from the church that the New Christians class uses called "I'm a Christian Now!"  Typically after you accept Christ, you go through this class using the workbook.  Instead, Jenna and I decided to do it individually and have been going through it together in the evenings before bed.  Tonight, we finished and I told her that it was HER decision when to accept Christ.  She decided that tonight was the night.

She said her sweet prayer with Steve and I holding her hands in her bedroom and that was it!  She is so excited.  She immediately said, "I feel good!" which was followed a short time later with, "I think I need to cry".  Both emotions that I felt at 10 years old when I accepted Christ.  The first person she wanted to call and tell was Nana (that's Bertie).  Nana was very excited.  More calls will be made tomorrow, but it was getting late and we didn't want to start waking people up. 

We'll be going to speak with Pastor Jay this Sunday to work out details of baptism and membership paperwork.  I plan to invite you ALL to her baptism! What an exciting time in our lives!

Jenna has a few words she'd like to say about what she's done tonight, so here goes...

Dear  people  I  just  got  .............Well........I   just  became  a   christian!  And  I  feel

  like  a  new  born  baby.........maybe  not   a  new  born  baby  but  a  new  person.  Also  I  feel   great!
I  love  you  is  what  JESUS  would  say  and  GOD  and  if  you're  not  a  christian  pray  now.  And  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  will  come  inside  you  and  you  will  feel  like  a  new  person.   DO  IT  NOW!

(Jenna wanted me to add that the red lettering above stands for Jesus' blood.)

What is written above is totally Jenna.  I did not guide her in writing any of it.  I'm so proud of Jenna tonight.  It will be a very special night to remember for sure.


Cheryl said...

Yay, Jenna!

Christy said...

Hooray for you, Jenna! I am so proud of you. That was a very big decision you made. I will be praying that you become better and better friends with God!

leigh ann said...

Awesome. I love what you said, Jenna! Can't wait to see you baptized. Maybe you'll be the first at Station Hill! :)