More updates from Haiti

Sorry for the late post...wanted to let you know that I received a couple emails this weekend about my sweet friend Leigh Ann and her trip to Haiti.

One point for those of you who know Leigh Ann and might be trying to text her encouraging words...effective this morning at 12:01am, AT&T no longer had free service to Haiti.  So calls and are text messages (especially those she receives) are really REALLY expensive.  Jeff and Leigh Ann are asking that you not text or call her.  She's due to be back in the States last Tuesday (that's tomorrow!) and will be in touch (via her blog or FB) as soon as possible.

The kids had a great time braiding many of their hair.  They especially loved Leigh Ann's long, blonde hair.  You can see pictures of this on her FB or the Sweet Sleep blog.

Yesterday, they were to travel in an open air van to the church and it was supposed to rain.  It has rained ("monsoon" I think is the word Jeff said Leigh Ann used) and so that trip was shaping up to be quite interesting.  Shortly after, Leigh Ann emailed everyone to say that the roads to PAP were not able to be traveled, so they were having church where they were, which was a huge praise!

The word today is that the team is very sore and tired for the work they are doing.  And Leigh Ann is already starting to be sad about leaving these children.  I'm sure she's not alone.  And there was another aftershock several hours ago.  I'm  sure this puts everyone on edge.  See Jeff's email below and please pray for the team and Leigh Ann as they prepare to say goodbye to these children who have endured so much...

"I talked with Leigh Ann last night and again this morning. The team is doing well but tired from the rock moving and painting. Check out the sweet sleep blog site to view some “chain gang” photos (http://sweetsleep.blogspot.com/). :-) Leigh Ann has been named the singing lady by the kids. While we were on the phone this morning I could hear the kids singing in the courtyard some of the songs she has taught them. They are loving it and so is she. She is sad for having to leave them though (as those of you who know her can only imagine). All the kids want is for someone to hold, play and sing with them. She is having a hard time with the reality that she will be gone on Tuesday and won’t be able to do that for them anymore. Today, they are back at the orphanage from yesterday. This one was destroyed in the earthquake and they had to move all 47 orphans to the orphanage they are in until it could be rebuilt. They are finishing it today and tomorrow with paint and beds to move the orphans back into their original home for space reasons. However, she said the new one is very small and did not see where all 47 would go. She kept repeating “Loaves and fishes. Loaves and fishes...” I just got on Facebook and saw she posted that they experienced an aftershock about 5 hours ago. Pray that these stay at a minimum or are non-existent. I know from Leigh Ann that Jen Gash is not enjoying these at all. Keep praying for them. Their work is not done yet. More updates to follow... "

Please pray...

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