Another 9 weeks...

So, Jenna got her report card today.  We were very pleased...as I've mentioned in some prior posts, we have hoped that Jenna would enjoy school and be a good reader. And here, I talked about reading levels and which one she's on.

Last reporting period, she was reading at a level of Q and that's where she's been pretty much all year.  When she finishes 2nd grade, she's supposed to be on level P.  So, she started the second grade already past that.  This time, she's been bumped up to level S.  Ending 3rd grade, she is to be on level T.  So she is reading on a level that she should be on when she finishes third grade.  How impressive is that?!

Her other grades are as follows:
Bible: E
Reading: S+ (up a little from an S)
English: E (up from an S)
Handwriting: S+ (up a little from an S)
Writing: E (up from an S+)
Spelling: E
Math: S+
Science: E
Social Studies: E

She also brought up her "N" grades in "Uses appropriate means to resolve conflict" and " Has positive attitude" to an S on each.  So, yet another really good report card.  We are proud of our girl!

On a separate note, tomorrow, I'm looking forward to going to my couponing seminar that was canceled from January.  I'm really excited to learn a little more about this very awesome money saving idea.  Tomorrow night, Steve and I have tickets to see The Color Purple at TPAC.  Jenna will get to spend some time with her favorite babysitter, Katelyn.  She frequently asks if me and Steve can go on a date night so Katelyn can come over!

Some more exciting news on the Taylor Family Blog coming soon so stay tuned...

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