A Friday Off...

Jenna's school is closed today for teacher in-service.  Usually on a day like today, Steve and I will figure out some way to go to work (Steve's still working temporarily and part time at the church) and keep Jenna with us.  That is, we try not to take off and miss work.  Well, with all the snow days lately, Jenna's been spending an awfully lot of "boring" (her words) time with Steve at the church (easier for him to take her there, than me to my work).

Earlier this week we were trying to figure out how we could somehow do a trade off today.  It was getting increasingly complicated.  And to boot, I have not been feeling well for about 2 weeks.  I might have mentioned on FB or a previous post that I've had some pretty serious congestion issues starting 2 weeks ago when I had insomnia.  I have been self medicating with everything from Vicks vapo-rub and a hot compress to the Neti-Pot (sinus rinse).

The last few nights I haven't slept well but still been getting up and pushing through at work and our nightly activities.  By Wednesday of this week, I'd had enough of the congestion and sinus pain alternating with the constant running and now VERY SORE nose.  I was starting to feel bad, so I made an appointment with my doctor for yesterday at 11:30.  I stopped all OTC medications until I saw her.  And I determined not to leave her office until I had something that would fix me.  As luck would have it, I probably went to see her at just the right time.  I was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection.  She prescribed a steroid pack, a 10-day antibiotic, a nasal spray and additional allergy pill.  So, I feel vindicated that something was really wrong with me. 

All that to say, I decided yesterday morning while dragging myself of bed at 5:30am that I was just going to take today off.  Jenna has been increasingly vocal about how BORING it is at our works and it is not fair to make her spend every single day off work sitting in an office where she has to be quiet and entertain herself (not to mention it is difficult to get work done with her around).  So, I just decided to take off.  Thankfully the steroid pack has already started working and I am feeling better.  I did sleep better last night, but woke up with a POUNDING headache.  I took all my meds an a little Advil and the headache is mostly gone now.

Jenna woke up first thing and made us a to-do list (a child after my own heart).  We have about 5 more minutes of me blogging and her reading (again, I say, a child after my own heart) and then it's to the bathtub for her and the PC upstairs for me to balance my checkbook.  After we finish that, she wants to play a game of Pictureka (if you don't have this game, I HIGHLY recommend it!) and then it's off to start a day full of errands.  One of which is to buy all the stuff for her sewing class next Saturday.  She is absolutely STOKED about it. 

One last thing...I went to the Drugstores Galore workshop last night with Faithful Provisions and can't WAIT to get started at CVS and Walgreens!  If you don't follow Kelly at FP, again, something I'd highly recommend.  So many great money-savings tips and ideas.

OK, times up...gotta go...

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