A very late update

So many things to say and most of them are updates that are long overdue. We are still trying to get in the swing of being back in school.

Let's see...last week I went for my 1 month post-Lasik appointment. I am seeing almost 20/15. I'm definitely 20/20. If you have been considering Lasik then check into it NOW. I can highly recommend Loden Vision Centers, but I'm just a huge proponent of Lasik in general. It's been a virtual miracle for me.

Steve's not had one single bite on the resumes he's sent out. But thanks to my good friend from church, Leigh Ann, he has been working a temporary assignment for about 3 weeks now. And starting Monday, he will work a temporary job at the church 20 hours a week and then with Leigh Ann on the other days (for a while at least). So, we do have some money coming in and that is extremely useful! A HUGE shout-out to Leigh Ann for her help in employing my husband!!!!

Chase has graduated from military combat school and is now started his specialty training which diesel mechanics. He will hopefully be visiting in a couple weeks for a few days. MOS is like college, so he can use his phone when he's not in class or on duty, so if you have his number and want to, you can give him a call.

Jenna is doing well in school. 2nd grade is different than 1st and comes with a lot more personal responsibilty which is new for her. But after our fall parent-teacher conference, we find she is doing well. Of course, the one thing that she struggles with is T-A-L-K-I-N-G! Geez...I have no idea where she gets that.

Micah had a birthday yesterday so a huge birthday SHOUT OUT to her. 25 years old. Her comment was that she was 1/2 way to 50. All I know, it that makes me feel REALLY old! I met her when she was only 10, so this is certainly a milestone I'm happy to celebrate with her. My brown-eyed girl is all grown up!

As for me, I'm doing OK. Work is keeping me super busy and I'm always behind. A couple weekends ago, we were coming home from some friends' house and it was wet (big surprise). I had on some flip flops with pretty slick soles (I'd slipped several times before). Anyway, I got out of the truck and when my feet hit the garage floor, I slip and fell. My left knee took the full force of the fall. Of course, it was painful and swelled a little, but some ice and Ibuprofen, I was good. But as the weekend and week wore on, I knew something was wrong. X-rays showed nothing, but there is some popping and the doctor thinks I might have a torn meniscus. He has me doing home exercises, taking more Ibuprofen and icing it at night. Next week I go back and if it hasn't improved, it's off to an MRI I go. I can tell already that it's not getting better. By the end of the day, it is swollen very noticeably. OUCH!

That's really about it. Rach and I are going to Memphis to see Beth Moore next weekend and we are pretty excited about that. I say "we", but I guess I only speak for myself. :) In a few more weeks it will be our scrapbook retreat and I'm practically giddy about it already.

So, until I have more exciting things to share, over and out.

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