The Prodigal Returns Home and other happenings...

Just wanted to give you a few quick updates on us...

Steve is working a temporary job right now with our good friend from church (thanks LA!). He's worked all week and he is loving it even though it's just stuffing envelopes. He is definitely not a stay at home dad, though I love that he's been home. I'm sure it won't be long until I will love the money he's making more! He has sent out a bunch of resumes, but I'll tell you, there's not even been the slightest nibble...but that's to be expected I guess. He isn't discouraged because we knew this would be hard going into it. We have definitely made some budget adjustments and are living quite differently from before.

On a separate note for those of you not on Facebook...MITTENS CAME HOME! Yes, friends, you read that right! Let's see...it was Wednesday night and uncharacteristically, Jenna had some math homework and I needed to pay bills. So Jenna and I were both sitting at the kitchen table. Steve decided that even though it was 8:15 and dark, he would take Katie for a walk while we finished up. They were only gone about a minute when I heard the door open again. I was just about to say, "Well, that was quick" when around the corner Steve came smiling from ear to ear and holding Mittens!!! I really don't remember what Steve said other than "Look!" because Jenna and I had jumped up and run to him hollering and screaming etc. Steve was absolutely speechless I think! Mittens was "talking" quite a bit, but he seemed no worse for the wear. Because he is long haired, he had one big hair mat and a couple smaller ones, but other than that, seemed fine. He was starving and I can tell he's thinner when I pick him up but the hair covers up the weight loss. Anyway, he is back to his old self though he's quite a bit more loving these days and does not like to be out of our sight. We are so happy to have him back and feel our family is complete again.

That same night, as if the return of our missing kitty wasn't exciting enough, Jenna started hollering from the bathroom. Apparently, she saw something that worried her...sparing you all the details, turns out she has a "severe" bladder infection. She's on a very strong antibiotic, but the sad thing is that her infection is so severe that most times she cannot hold her bladder. So there have been several accidents over the past few days. I finally went out tonight and bought her some "GoodNites" so we don't have to worry about it for a while. By Monday, the antibiotics should have gotten into her system and she should be feeling better. She ran a low grade fever last weekend which we were afraid was the flu, but since it stayed so low grade and she'd been having some allergy issues, we figured it was because of those allergies. We now know it was most likely caused by her body fighting this infection. Anyway, she's been pretty devastated and you have no idea how it breaks my heart to hear her say she asked a teacher if she could use the bathroom and they say no causing her to have an accident. This happened at church and several times at school. I've tried to talk to the teachers at school (her teacher is very aware), but sometimes word just doesn't get all the way around.

Speaking of school, we had our parent teacher conference this morning. Jenna is doing very well in school. Her reading level is "very strong" and she's doing pretty well. Her "problem" is that she is a little "mother" so she's more worried about whether everyone else is doing what they should be which in turn means SHE'S not doing what she should be! And of course, the inevitable, "talks too much" which I have NO IDEA where that comes from!!! But her teacher was very careful to put positive spins on each of these things. She said these issues were common, not as bad as say learning disabilities and that this strong willed tendency will make her a very good leader/teacher as long as that stubborness is redirected appropriately.

So that's our story of the last week. Pretty exciting stuff going on. Chase is doing well in combat training (as far as we know). Tomorrow is a hopefully low key Saturday with just a few things to get done.

Right now, I'm off to bed..

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