Where We've Been

I'm sure some of you have wondered where I"ve been lately. Well, life has a way of getting away from you if you aren't careful and that's what happened to me!

This past week, I worked really hard at work trying to tie up some loose ends before I take off for a couple weeks. Tomorrow, JG and I leave for the beach. We are truly looking forward to it because as you known, we’ve all had an interesting year. We have very little in the way of official plans for when we arrive. I’ve rented a convertible and we are staying on the beach, so most of our days will be spent at the beach or pool or both. I have several things that I want to do while we are there, but nothing concrete.

I experienced a first this past Friday. I went to a gold party. You know those ads you see on TV and hear on the radio about selling your unused gold? Well, this is not like a Pampered Chef or Premier Jewelry party…there’s no selling going on…just buying. I took a gallon bag about ½ full of old rings and things that I knew I’d never wear anymore. For those of you that knew me before I got engaged to Steve, I used to wear a ring on every finger (and I do mean EVERY finger) and some I had more than one on. Of course when I got that diamond engagement ring, I retired all the others. Now, I wear my wedding set and one other ring. So I took all those rings and bracelets that I would never wear and walked away with $373 in CASH! So, if you are interested in a party like this let me know. I think Rachel may be having one in the next few months and I will give her your name for her invite list.

As far as Steve and Katie are concerned, they are still doing well. Steve has had one seizure since she’s been with him. And she had already alerted him but he just wasn’t moving fast enough to catch it. He has a tendency to not realize that he’s delaying getting sugar in him when he’s getting low. He’ll fix a Coke and then instead of sitting down to drink it, he’ll look for a cookie or cake or glucose tablet and if he’s not careful, he forgets to drink and then he has a seizure. Anyway, yesterday, Katie followed him all the way up the stairs nudging his hand all the way and then literally jumped up on her back two feet (as if hugging him) and he just thought she wanted to play. Turns out, his blood glucose level was about 39 (with 120 being normal). Needless to say, he took care of himself before he had a seizure. We are constantly amazed at how Katie’s alerting is progressing. We were warned that it might take several months for her to “get it” on a regular basis, but she really is getting it already. She’s not at 100% by any means, but she’s getting closer. Steve continues to go places with her. Steve and I finally had a heart to heart talk about the changes this is going to create. After that talk, I think we finally feel united again. For a while, we were so caught up in the excitement of being together again, we kind of acted like nothing had changed. It didn’t take long for that to come to a head and so now we seem to be on the right track. Not just the right track but the SAME track!

Our letters from Chase are dwindling as he gets closer to graduation. Starting on Thursday, Chase will be doing the Crucible…this is the culmination of all the training and testing he’s gone through. In a nutshell, it’s 54 hours of food and sleep deprivation and about 45 miles of marching. It’s going to be the hardest thing these guys have been through. I have signed up on a message board, to pray for not just Chase, but his entire Company as they embark on this journey this week. Can I ask you to pray too? It’s from about 2am on Thursday until 8am on Saturday. Anytime you can pray, I would encourage you to do so. They won’t be sleeping in the barracks, but outside (when they get to sleep), so you don’t have to mail letters or cards, but I told Chase in my last letter to him that I would be asking my blog readers to pray. Thank you in advance for doing this. I know without a doubt he will feel those prayers. If you want to know more about the Crucible (and even watch a real life video, click on the link above...

I guess that’s about all going on with me. We found out this week who Jenna’s teacher for 2nd grade is and she’s excited. I got a call today asking me to be a room mom. I’m pretty excited about that since it’s been a couple years since I helped out the last time. JG is excited about school although she’s super-sad she’s not in class with her best friend, Annabelle. I am sad too, but I think this will be a good opportunity for the girls to branch out on their own and make some new friends since she and Annabelle have been in class together since Pre-K. Plus, it will encourage them to learn to maintain friendships of those they aren’t in class with every day. I am going to help make sure the girls stay in touch.

My blog will be dark for a while because I’m not taking my PC with me to the beach. I will have plenty to blog about, and plenty of pictures to share when I return.

See y’all in a week!

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