Sight, Seeing and Eyes

You may be wondering what in the world the title of my post means. Well, I have 3 things to tell you and they are all related as you will see (no pun intended).

First of all, there has been a Mittens sighting!!! It's just a sighting and it wasn't us, but someone saw our fliers over in the adjoining neighborhood and called this morning. He said there is a grey and white cat that has been hanging around his neighbor's fish pond the last few days. Steve immediately went over there and of course, couldn't find anything but talked to the guy and he said that the cat is usually out there about 9am in the morning and sometimes in the evenings. From his description, it appears to be Mittens! We are trying not to get our hopes up, but it's very hard. To think he is alive and as close as the next neighborhood makes me very happy. Steve is on his way home now with Jenna and we are going out there to look. Wish us luck!

In other news, I went for my follow-up exam from my LASIK surgery today. It can take up to a month for your vision to reach it's final resting point so to speak and it can fluctuate in between. I've been trying to test my eyesight with everything and I was quite disappointed that my left eye (the worst one) didn't seem to be at 20/20. Today I was prepared for the official disappointment. Much to my surprise, my right eye is not 20/20...it's 20/15! Better than normal!!!! My left eye (that troublemaker eye!) is "slightly better than 20/20, but not quite 20/15". HOLY COW. People. I went from legally blind (not blonde) without my glasses or contacts to 20/15! I'm here to tell you...if you are like me, LASIK is for you! And I'd highly recommend Dr. James Loden! I have some pictures I want to share, but that can come later...

Now, for the last thing...as you know, my Chase graduated Marine Boot Camp a few weeks ago. He's now gone back to NC to do his MCT (military combat training) and his job training. He'll be gone another 3-4 months, hopefully home by Christmas. At any rate, we did get his "formal" pictures and we were very pleased. This is my little 6 year old stepson, all grown up.
Talk about a sight for sore eyes....Mmmhmmm...I know. All you single women understand, you have to go through me to get to him right? A co-worker said to me last week, "There is just something about a man in uniform that makes me weak in the knees." Yes, I know. And I couldn't be more proud!

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leigh ann said...

I didn't realize you'd already had your surgery! That is awesome. Is it not a complete and utter miracle??

Just catching up on some blog reading. Sorry I've been so absent lately. Praying for you guys.