Happy Halloween!

I cannot believe Halloween has come and gone (almost) already! I really don't have time to blog much and besides, there's not much going on, but I thought you'd like to see some of the pictures we took...
Jenna was a "Rock Star" tonight. That's what the costume package said, but to me, it's a little Hannah Montana-ish. She doesn't have it on in this picture, but there was a little headset to go with the outfit. And yes, that's makeup all over her face. Trust me, this is the ONLY time you'll see her looking like this. I'll fight tooth and nail before she looks like this as a teenager!!!!
Now, this is an interesting shot. Back in the summer, I bought a tiny camera for Steve to take to Moldova (as I didn't want him carrying my "good" camera) and that would fit in my purse because I'm always wishing I had a camera with me. So, tonight I used it because it was handy and there is a "night" button...so I used it to take a picture of the door decoration and this is how it came out. Pretty cool huh? We get big into Halloween decorations here.

I hope you can see this one, but this is our pumpkin. Steve carved it with a pattern we had from a book. It's supposed to be a skeleton.

Finally, this was our last visitor of the evening. Do you recognize him? :)


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