bucket list

So many times I think of things that I want to do either a) before I die or b) when we have money again.  To help me remember what these things are (because they pop up at totally random times), I decided to start a list.  They will be short to start out with, but I'm good with that.  

Without further ado, this is the start of my Bucket List (in no particular order):

1.  Take my adopted daughter back to China and experience her birthplace together (that is, if she wants to).

2.  Go on a mission trip with my daughters and experience the things God will do in her life.

3.  Have lunch with Beth Moore - yes, I know this is high and lofty but after going through her studies, I just think it would be marvelous to sit down and have lunch with her.

4.  Go back to South Africa.

5.  Meet Steven Curtis Chapman.  I have listened to his music since I was a teen.  I have such wonderful memories that I associate with his music.  I would love to meet him in person and tell him how I appreciate his musical work. Totally did this, Memorial Day weekend 2013!

6.  Spend Christmas in New York City.  Not sure if this goes on the Bucket List or the list for when we have money again, but I think it fits here.  I don't actually want to be there on Christmas day, but want to go and spend a long weekend during December.

There's more but that's it for now. 

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Melissa said...

Love the idea of a bucket list online! I may have to do too!! Love rereading your story and again seeing how GOD has worked!