Book Review: Love & War Devotional for Couples

Having recently celebrated 18 years of marriage to Steve, the reminder for me to do this book review came at the perfect time! Steve and I went through this devo a while back. I have read (and LOVE) John Eldredge's book, "Walking with God" and so I was pretty excited to get this devotional that his wife, Stasi joined him on. The devotional was very easy to do and didn't take hours of our time, which is good because a) neither of us have that kind of time and b) Steve does better with the shorter "bites" of Bible study than the longer, more abstract ones. It's 5 days worth for 8 weeks which is an easy committment to make. And while I think Steve and I would both agree, we do have an extraordinarily good marriage, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. You don't have to have read the companion book to enjoy and get something out of the devotional one. I haven't read the book yet either, but if you are a couple with little ones and not tons of alone/quite time, this is a great devotional for you. As the book starts out, there's no sugarcoating the truth: "...marriage is hard". Indeed. Anyone who has ever been married can attest to that! The book served as a very good reminder to me that as happy as we are, there is SO much more we could be doing to make our marriage even better. It will never be perfect this side of heaven, but keeping God in the center is a good start. Steve and I have always struggled with doing any type of devotional or Bible study together, mostly because we learn in different ways and it's hard to find a study/devo that we both enjoy, not necessarily in concept but in layout. This one was just about perfect for both of us. Even if you think you have a good marriage, this book is a good reminder of the things we knew when we first married. I would recommend it for couples in all stages of marriage. I received this book for free from the publisher’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for this honest review.

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Jennifer Hnilo said...

I just brought home my little girl from LYG in March 2014. I was scrolling through your blog and I think our girls had the same foster parents! I received many, many photos and a whole set of her foster family. I would love to contact them...do you have a contact address for them?