What Jenna is Up To

I feel like Jenna doesn’t get nearly as much attention as she ought to on this blog, so this post is all about her.

We are nearing the end of her 5th grade year and she has rocked it academically this year!  She has made all As and Bs every 9 weeks so far and she’s on her way to closing the year the same way.  She’s never had more than 2 Bs and the rest As (Honor Roll) and last 9 weeks she walked away with all As (Principal’s List).  Math isn’t her strongest subject by any means but she is working hard and pulling Bs when she can’t quite get to the As.  We are SO proud of our big girl!

We just received her ERB scores back.  The ERB is what her school does for standardized testing.  I know those tests are sometimes viewed as a parent’s worst nightmare, but our school doesn’t over emphasize them and I actually enjoy getting the scores back to gauge how she’s doing. 

At our last parent teacher conference, I got her test scores and she was in the 90%ile on every single subject!  Even math!  The teacher did say she was kind of…ahem…BOSSY.  Anyone that has spent any time around JG knows that to be true.  But I do think her heart is pure…it’s her delivery that needs some work.  So we talked about it at home and she is working hard to be kinder and more open when she wants her friends to do something.  I flat out asked if she was a bully and they adamantly said absolutely not.  PHEW! (Not that I thought she was, but you know, I just wanted to make sure!).

Last week they had awards day at school.  I attended just in case she got something.  I know who the “smart kids” are in class and they usually rack up on the subject awards, but I knew she’d get one for perfect attendance.  I was surprised when she not only got perfect attendance, but also an award for Excellent Conduct and for making Honor Roll or Principal’s List all year!

And here she is in assembly receiving her awards…

Jenna remains the best big sister I have ever witnessed.  She is so patient with Kylie even now.  And she has occasionally babysat for Kylie while we both had something else to do.  Most times she is aggravating Kylie to give her hugs and kisses and when she does, that makes Kylie ignore her all the more.  But the times where Jenna really pays attention to and plays with Kylie, Kylie giggles and laughs and runs and just loves on Jenna like nobody’s business. 

In fact, last night, Jenna watched her for a couple hours while I was at Bible Study.  When I got home, Kylie was in her lap watching TV and she ran to me just babbling and talking up a storm about Jenna.  I have no idea what she was saying, but she was in the best mood and had clearly enjoyed being with Jenna.

Last Sunday before church, I wanted to get a picture of Kylie in her Sunday dress.  I squatted down and asked her to say “cheese”.  Instead, she walked over to Jenna and pulled her hand down so they could have their picture made together.  And of course, Jenna was thrilled to bits.  Kylie was happy also and I caught this photo which has turned out to be my. favorite. photo. ever.  It totally captured two sisters’ love, don’t you think?

Oh, how I love these girls.  I am SO blessed!

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