Home Sweet Home

We.  Are.  Home.

The doctor came in before 8am this morning and confirmed we would be going home today.  Steve went ahead and came up to the hospital, but it was nearly 2 hours before all the paperwork was done. 

Kylie fussed all the way home and was very timid once inside the house.  I gave here about 15 minutes of sitting with me and then the cats came down and she started to get more animated.  By the time I had finished unpacking and getting some laundry going, she was running around like normal.  She is a little more cranky than usual but that is likely due to residual pain.  She is now on Tylenol OTC and we have Tylenol with codeine for bedtime.  Bedtime should be interesting.  She pretty much napped in our arms this whole week and at night, she slept with us on the bed.

She ate immediately when we got home.  She's on an all liquid diet from now until next Monday when we go back to the doctor.  So her choices are currently jello, yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes, pudding etc.  If you have any other ideas of stuff like that she can have, let me know.  She can't yet have soft foods like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese.  Hopefully by next Monday we can graduate to soft foods though.

Last night was OK.  She went to bed about 8:30 and slept soundly until about 1am.  Then it took her some time to settle down into sleep again and at 2am they were in there for antibiotics, pain meds and vitals.  And she was off and on awake the rest of the morning.  I'm attempting to stay awake until bedtime.  We haven't figured out what we will do about that.  It's Steve's night "on" but since I have to go to work Tuesday, I might as well take tonight too so he'll be good and rested for Monday night.

Thanks for all the prayers.  They have certainly been felt and appreciated.  We continue to covet your prayers that this is 100% successful, that her pain remains easy to control and that her sleep patterns return to normal as soon as possible.


Angie said...

Hey girlie...so glad you are finally home! And grab some pediasure, my kids like all 3 flavors and it fills them up and is good for them...eden rarely eats any food so we are giving it to her to help her out a bit. We are giving her the "unbalanced diet" although she could use the calorie boost one as well. Yaya weighs more than Eden now! Bwah ha ha ha! Blessings!

KatandSteve said...

Hi Sandra! This is Katarina (Lian's Mama), just keeping you, Kylie, and your whole family in our thoughts. Hoping everything is going well.


Katarina (and Lian)