I am feeling very delinquent this evening.  It's been forever since I posted and there's been quite a bit going on.  Things that I should have blogged about, but just didn't.  Summer is kicking my butt.  I can't seem to get on a good schedule.

I finally got a bunch of my pictures uploaded from my camera, but once I loaded them to Ritzpix, I deleted them from my PC.  So this post is going to be pretty stinkin' boring.  But I guess there are 1 or 2 of you out there that still check to see what's going on with the Taylors so here you go.

Jenna did get baptized back several weeks ago.  We had a fabulous turnout of family and friends.  It was a very exciting time for us. 

Steve has had no luck finding a job even though he continues to try.  Thanks to a friend of ours, he got hooked up with some online classes and by this time next year, he will be a certified professional coder.  With ObamaCare, that's going to be a position that will hopefully be in demand.  The other blessing about this is that the government is paying for his training.  He should start in 2 weeks.  It's going to be tough seeing that he's been out of school for so long.  But he can do it and we are very excited for him to get started.

The upside of unemployment is that Steve and Jenna have gotten to spend quite a bit of time together this summer.  Being the planner I am, before school was out, I sat down and filled the whole calendar with stuff to do almost every day of the week.  From library visits and bowling to swimming and the Adventure Science Center.  Amazingly, it seems to be working.  We are staring down the barrel of school starting again and they haven't killed each other yet!

I've been working a lot since I can get to work super early not having to drop Jenna at school or camp.  It's wearing me out, but I'm getting stuff done.  If there's one thing I can say for Healthcare Reform, it's that it is keeping me gainfully employed.

From a spiritual front, the Lord has been speaking to both Steve and I individually and as a couple.  We have been SO blessed while he's been unemployed.  I know I've said it before, but again, I can't possibly detail all the times God has shown up in remarkable ways.  I still worry though.  Some things are hard to change.  And oh-so-painful!

Other than that, we are looking forward to our family vacation (thank God for vacation accounts that are automatically deducted before I ever see my paycheck!) at the beach.

School starts in a month.  I'll be the mother of a 3rd grader.  So many exciting things going on! 

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