Week 1 with Katie

Sorry it's taken me all week to post, but having Katie is a little like having a new baby in the house. You just gotta get a routine and that's something we are still working on!

For those of you who know about Steve's work troubles, I'm sure you are interested to hear how the first day back to work went...and I'm happy to report it was pretty uneventful. Of course, everywhere we go people want to talk about Katie and ask questions. I guess that will ease up with the more people we see, but strangers stop and ask questions too. Most of the folks at his work are supportive and amazed that a dog can do such things, but I think some are still adjusting as well.

Steve did come up to my work earlier this week and of course, it was the same way...everyone gathered round asking questions and feeling all sad that they can't pet her! :) It was neat because so many of my co-workers were WAY more supportive than Steve's and so seeing Katie was wonderful for them because they had waited with us and literally walked this road every step we took. I'm telling you, I work at the best company in the world and my department by far outshine ANYWHERE I've worked before. 11 years...that oughta tell you something!

What Steve and I did find out relatively quickly was that our bed is just TOO small for 3. And having Katie in the bed is like having another adult there with us. And yes, she does HAVE to sleep with us. It's part of the bonding process between she and Steve and also, it is harder for her to alert if she's on the floor. So on Tuesday night, we went out and bought a king sized bed and mattress. I had to put my practically new (4 years old) queen bed and mattress set on Craigslist. I used to love Craigslist because you could sell just about anything there, but lately, I've had ZERO luck. I had one hit on my couch (which AmVets is picking up on Monday) and one hit on Fred (who never returned my call or email) and ZERO hits (except for unsolicited JUNK mail) on the bed. I don't know if it's the recession or what, but it's very frustrating. Here's the bed...if you know anyone that is interested...

If you think you are interested or know someone who might be, just click here and it should take you straight to the posting.

We still haven't found a home for Fred. We have a temporary situation for him but we are about to start looking at Happy Tales to see if they can help. I did NOT want to go that route, but I really don't feel that I have another option. The temporary situation is not ideal for us or Fred.

On an exciting note, one of the reporters for the local paper called and asked if she could interview us to do a follow up on the story she wrote from last year right before our fundraiser breakfast. Wednesday night, she came over and we talked for a while. Her name is Ashley Bone and she is SUPER sweet. If I hadn't been such a chicken to ask, I would have taken a picture with her. Anyway, for you locals (and I mean, locals to the Hill), check out the Advertiser News next Wednesday. The article should be published then. And for those of you who are not local, I will post the link here.

I guess that's about it. We plan to stay relatively close to home this weekend. I'd like to do some closet purging before school starts. I have one more week of work and then Jenna and I are beach-bound! We can't wait! We do have a birthday party for a special little girl on Saturday so I'm sure there will be pictures from that...eventually!


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear there's no takers on Fred yet. I hope you end up with a positive solution there.

Regarding the furniture, call Finder's Keepers. They consign items in their showroom. They might even pick up, I can't remember. I also don't remember their consignment rate but it's worth a shot for such big items.

Glad to hear Steve's work is at least somewhat accepting Katie. I bet as time moves on, they will not give it a second thought. What a great story. You should call the local news stations and see if his work would be willing to let them do a piece on Steve & Katie. They might like the idea of some free, good publicity!