Meet Fred

This is Fred. Fred is our 6 year old Beagle. We got Fred from the Wilson County Humane shelter when Micah worked there.

When we agreed to enter into the Diabetic Service Dog program at HSP, we agreed to have no other dogs in the home. "In the home" actually means inside or outside. Ever since we knew Steve was accepted, we had plans for Fred to move in with Micah. Well, those plans have fallen through. And now I'm a week away from Steve coming home with Katie and I have no place for Fred to go.
If you are interested in giving Fred a home, please call me, email me or for my friends reading on Facebook, write on my wall or email me there. I have to find a place for Fred by Friday night as we leave Saturday to meet Steve and Katie.
Fred is a great dog! He rarely barks...only when he's excited or playing and he's used to staying outside, although he has been inside as well. He LOVES other dogs and I believe he's really lonely after Mack and Missy died, so he will do best with another dog or inside where he can be with the family all the time. Fred's in great health, no problems at all, although he hasn't yet had his rabies shot. If that's a problem, I'll make it a point to get his shot before you pick him up.

I just want him to go to a good home. It's not like there's anything wrong with him. Just the nature of a service dog, we aren't allowed to have any other dogs. If you think anyone you know might be interested, please let me know ASAP.

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