Merry Christmas Eve...

There is so much I need to blog on...I'll start with tonight and go back in time.

Jenna is in bed already waiting on Santa and his reindeer to arrive. Tonight, we had our friends the Millsaps over. My family no longer gathers on Christmas eve and I miss all the appetizer goodies that we had. So, I fixed a spread enough for an army. The six of us aren't an army, but we did our best to put a dent in the food. Rachel brought some goodies of her own to share and between the two of us, we have full tummies! The girls exchanged gifts and hade a great time as usual...
And though it wasn't my blood relatives over tonight, it was family. Family that I'm so glad to have.

The next best thing to family is my church. We went to Christmas Eve service tonight and it was just awesome! At the end, all 3000+ of us lit candles and as pastor Mike closed the service, one by one, all the candles went in the air. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the picture in my mind's eye is beautiful!
OK, so Saturday night, our church hosted the Michael W. Smith Chrismtas concert. It was OUR choir and OUR orchestra backing him up. And it was awesome! Our pastor always tells us that we are the coolest church around. And after this concert, I can say it is definitely true. Check out my friend Leigh Ann's blog. She is in the choir and her entry is way better than anything I could write. But be assured...it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was awesome! Melinda Doolittle and the Katinas were there as well.

After the concert, we decided to tag along to my sister and brother in laws house for a little early Christmas surprise. For some history, Debbie, my SIL has loved playing the piano for...well, ever since I knew her and long before as I understand. But she's not actually had a piano in her home. Every Christmas, we'd enjoy her playing over at my other sister in laws house at Christmas. Because she was in the choir backing up MWS, she was gone all day Saturday and that's when her hubby had her new piano delivered. It was very cool to witness her excitement upon discovering the treasure in her own home.
Friday night was the night my family decided to get together for Chrismtas. While the whole family wasn't able to attend, most of them did and it was enjoyable. We did a gift card exchange and that worked out well. Steve and I ended up with Outback and Red Lobster which we really enjoy! The kids got several nice things and thus starts the Christmas influx of gifts.
Back even a little further to Thursday which was Jenna's Christmas party at school. I had missed the Harvest Party so this was the first time I got to go and help out. It was fun and they had made so many cute things. Take a look at the reindeer and wreath they made!
And lastly before I got to bed so Santa can come...here's a picture of another sunrise here in the "hill". One of these days I'm going to wreck my van trying to take a picture of these beautiful creations.
Well, I'm getting tired and it's taken me nearly 45 mintues to write this up, so hopefully Jenna is sleeping soundly by now. I'm going to take care of a few last minute activities and then I'm off to bed myself. Somehow I think it's going to be an early morning and a long day!

Merry Christmas Even to you all!


clg0513 said...

Merry Christmas Sandra & Family - looks like you all have been so busy these last few days.... Hope Santa was good to JG :) Santa "just" visited here and I know the kiddos will be very excited.

The Millsaps said...

Thanks for having us over tonight. We had a blast - as usual. I treasure you my friend!! Merry Christmas.

leigh ann said...

Now I wish we'd gone to church last night! I was kind of feeling like I'd been there over my quota over the past week, and we had Christmas here with my family last night so I decided to punt. Looks like it would have been worth the time out.

Merry Christmas!