Turkey Overdose?

Anyone out there have turkey overdose? I didn't eat alot of turkey, but boy it sure feels like I did!

I have to say how much I enjoy being around Steve's family. I think I said this already some time ago, but I forget how much I love being around them. I just enjoy going to whoever's house and laughing at the stories that I wasn't around for. They've got lots more history together than I have since I joined the family so late, so I love hearing some of the things that happened "way back when".

Micah brought Gage with her tonight and it was very enjoyable to see and spend time with them. Chase came also and I always enjoy being around him. Somewhere along the way, I blinked and my kids grew up and became adults. Likewise, my niece, Beth, who is the same age as Micah was at our Thanksgiving dinner and I've come to enjoy talking and laughing with her. Back when she was a kid and I'd first met her, I spent lots of time with she and Micah. And then she went and grew up too. I just enjoy spending time with all of Steve's family. There's no other way to put it.

So...on with an update...really there's not much to update. Jenna got a progress report last week and she's doing wonderfully. She seems to really enjoy school and I am so glad we did pre-1st.

It's been busy at work because of annual enrollment. Steve's work is busy off and on. Jenna is finishing up her first semester of violin and probably gymnastics. She definitely isn't doing violin after this year. And she was going to only do gymnastics through May and then she's dying to do horseback riding lessons. But for us to swing that, she'll have to quit both violin and gymnastics. We'll see.

Well, I'm starting to get pretty tired. I'm headed off to bed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

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