Update on David

There's not much to report, but I did just call the hospital and David actually answered the phone.

He sounds just like always. He says he doesn't believe it's a stroke and no one has said for sure what it is or whether it was for sure. They've bascially been told nothing except they "think" it's a stroke or it looks like it is. He's had an MRI, ultrasound on his heart and neck and cat scan of the brain (they found one, go figure...we've always wondered! :) ) and no one told them how those tests came out. He is still feeling the same tingling and numbness as he did when he arrived. No better, no worse. He wonders if it's some kind of pinched nerve.

Someone entered the room after about 10 minutes of conversation, so he had to let me go. I told him to keep me posted and he said he would.

Continue to pray that whatever it is, it is minor and that it can be fixed easily. I've always been close to my brother and I am very concerned and worried for him.

Thanks for your prayers!

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