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Welcome to the Taylor Family Blog!  My name is Sandra and I've been married for 17 years to the love of my life and best friend, Steve.  Steve and I met at church when I was not even 20 years old.  He attended my 20 year birthday dinner.  A month later we were officially a couple.  A year past that, on my birthday, he proposed.  And a year later, June 1, 1996, we were married.

Steve worked most of his life in the printing and production industry.  He is the son of a preacher-man and a Godly woman who has already gone on to be with the Lord.  I love Steve's family like crazy.  Steve is 15 years older than me so you can imagine the scandal when we started dating at ages 20 and 35.  I bet that 75% or more of the folks who knew us then never thought we'd marry, much less stay HAPPILY married for this long.  Every year we are together, I am amazed that life continues to stay happy.  We have certainly had our shares of ups and downs but I could not imagine doing this life with anyone other than Steve.  He is my rock.

Currently, we have somewhat of a role reversal in our home.  I'm working full time while Steve stays home with the kids.

Speaking of the kids, I have some.  :)  Micah is the original "baby girl", my stepdaughter (also known as "sissy").  I met her when she was only 10 years old.  Through Divine Providence, I fell in love with Micah long before I fell in love with Steve.  Micah is my brown-eyed girl and no longer a "baby".  She's all grown up and had a sweet son, my grandson, Gage.  He's precious and I'm so glad they are both in my life.  Micah used to say, "I wish you were my stepmom!" so I always say she's the reason I met Steve.  Hopefully she doesn't regret that!  Micah is a medical assistant and animal lover.  She lives about an hour away from us and we don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like.  She is a great and wonderful big sister.  She never ceases to amaze me.  I love her.  Like crazy.

Chase is the only son I have.  He was 6 when I met him and I always said he acted like he could take me or leave me.  He could argue the wallpaper off a wall.  He's also all grown up now and running his own store.  He lives a pretty fair distances away from us now but we try and see him as often as possible when he's not working.  I think my favorite thing about Chase is our relationship as adults.  He's a very good man and I love him.  Like crazy.

Then there's our baby girl, Jenna (also known as "jie jie").  Jenna came to us through the miracle of In-Vitro Fertilization.  We were lucky to get pregnant with her on the first try.  She's currently in middle school and rockin' it there.  She loves school and being with her friends.  She is also quite possibly the best big sister in the world.  She traveled with me to China to bring Kylie home and if there's such a thing as love at first sight, it was what Jenna had for Kylie.  And to date, it has not waned even a bit.  She's a Child of the King and we could not be more proud.

Finally, there's our Asian Princess, Kylie.  She came to us through the miracle of adoption.  After trying multiple times for a sibling, we agreed we were done.  Adoption was always in the back of my mind and sometimes nearer to the front than back.  After more Divine Intervention, we began our journey of adoption and on March 19, 2012, Kylie was place in my arms.  On March 29, the newest American citizen arrived home and we began life as a family of 4!  You can read more about our journey by clicking on the adoption tab above.

Last, but certainly not least is Steve's service dog, Katie.  Katie came to us in July 2009.  She is a diabetic service alert dog for Steve who has had juvenile diabetes since age 8.  Steve struggles with lows that he cannot detect on his own and after multiple seizures from low blood sugar which results in wrecked cars and total hip replacements, Katie came to live with us and has literally changed our lives.

I'm a working mom and Steve's a stay at home dad.  We prefer to be a two income family but for now, this is the hand life has dealt us so we are doing the best we can with it.  God is good ALL THE TIME and we consistently see His hand all over our lives.

Welcome to our lives.  Look around, read up on us and come back to see what we are up to!

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